Why are Gaming Companies interested in Streamers? It was the traditional press and video game websites which get the majority of the marketing machinery before streaming became popular. It is a natural evolution of the business and the platform. Video games are an audio-visual experience; audience respond better to materials that are in videos instead of texts. Those who consider themselves as hardcore players know how to use the Internet, so the digital platform is where they flock. Earlier in the decade, Minecraft exploded and even until now it still one of the best-selling games in all platforms. Not only that, it continues to get releases in new platforms. This is of course by virtue of the game’s core design[…]

Is Hearthstone Worth it as a Pro Scene? Earlier this year, one of the highest earning pro player in Hearthstone retired from the game. Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy was formerly a professional poker player so it looked like a progressive and an amazing digital revolution move for him to start playing a CCG in competitive spaces. At the time of his retirement, he is one of the top ten highest earners among all Hearthstone pro players with a lifetime winnings worth $134.030.19. Lifecoach cited Blizzard’s inability to listen to the community. Unlike CD Projekt with their Gwent, Blizzard consistently failed to address the complaints of its player base. Gwent always adapts to the competitive scene, updating and polishing its mechanics. Hearthstone[…]

YouTube vs Twitch? Which One is Better? In the year 2017, the gap between Twitch and YouTube is growing larger by the second. This is not solely on their monetization scheme or business models, but rather, the audience and the content creators they serve and host respectively. Both of the video streaming sites are now more of a compliment to each other rather than rivals. Twitch’s prominence in the gaming community is exponentially enabled by the eight generation of home video game consoles. The previous and prolonged generation of the PlayStation 3, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Wii were not really equipped with streaming. A third-party hardware was needed for streamers to connect to Twitch and broadcast their sessions.[…]

Let us skip the origin stories and go directly why Twitch is the go-to place of video game streamers: community. Twitch is laser-focused on its mission and is on-rail on its vision. Twitch does not pretend to be anything else other than a haven for video game enthusiasts and nothing more. Caption: Twitch is Going After Musicians too. It’s closest rival, YouTube wants to be the be-all, end-all, online video solution. YouTube’s parent company, Google, is an advertising company so it necessarily wants to have all of the different industries to flock into its services. Twitch has this advantage of being the de facto place for all of video gaming needs. The Twitch community’s dedication is astounding. An average user[…]