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Why is Gameroo so special?

We are not from outer space

Ever wondered why you had to buy your games (gaming keys) from China/Hong Kong? We did, and we have never liked it.
Often the source of the keys was the black market, you bought it without even knowing it.

Unfortunately it was pretty normal to buy cheap games from a risky place, although it shouldn‘t be.

Well, that‘s over now. With Gameroo you can be sure you buy your gamekeys from the best sellers worldwide, the crème de la crème.

As a swiss company, you even have the possibility to come over and talk to us, because we are not miles away in outer space, or just a little closer China. From the heart of europe we provide you the best service. More about us & meet our team!

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The handpicked sellers

It‘s impossible to control the actions of hundreds of sellers, espescially if you don‘t verify them. It‘s basically a gamble and that‘s what you are not looking for.

We decided to give at only 5 sellers access to our marketplace. Each one had to go through our very profounding verification process. Here are some things we check:

  • Bank statements & Paypal histories to see, the company is real and does not have many chargebacks, so they ensure a vary high quality.
  • reference like ebay or feedbacks, collected from a 3rd party.
  • And we made an interview with each one to see, if their attitude to work and customer satisfaction meets ours.

There are plenty more methods, each one must pass. Once done, we can be sure, 99.9% of all transctions will be completed successfully.

Our Services

The Protector

Order safely & boost your delivery time

He is the guardian and takes care of your order.
Keep him activated, pay only € 1, no matter how many products you order and you can be sure, if any problem appears, we will help you. Furthermore you double your delivery speed.

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The Goldcards

Get 10% discount playfully

Do you like to collect trading cards? We give you something similar. Collect all 10 goldcards and get 10% discount on your next order. By ordering games with minimum amount of € 20 you get a goldcard, for € 40 you get two, this way it‘s not too hard to collect them all

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The seller

Honored sellers

The sellers can earn a special badge by providing the best seller expierence with low cancellation rates, high feedbacks and sale volumes. We handpick each offer, so you can be sure, the seller really deserved it.

There is also a possibility you see the „charity“ badge. In this case, a high amount of each sale goes to our charity program.


Write your own messages directly
to the sellers

Whatever you need to discus with the seller, do it!
Communicate through the message tool and don‘t waste time by writing an Email.

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Charity - because it‘s our responsivity

Since we all in the company really know the problem with street dogs and cats, we couldn‘t look away anymore and start the charity program that helps an organisation which really deserves our help.


Keep the protector activated

Every time you order and you keep the Protector activated, 20 cents go to the charity pot. This way we do have a win-win-win situation. So keep in mind 1€ is not much and can be afforded by everyone, hopefully next time you remember and take advantage of this opportunity.


Charity badge

When you see in the product page the charity badge, you know that a pretty high amount of each sale goes to the charity pot.

We hope we have convinced you

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