The Protector

Assurance with one click

  • Faster delivery

    The first advantage is as clear as the sun. Those who are impatient can cut their waiting time in half, as the waiting time for the products is 30 minutes maximum.

  • Full Satisfaction Guarantee

    We can assure that no problems will occur. Even though we pay much effort that only the best sellers get permission to sell on Gameroo, mistakes can happen also to them. In such occasions we are available for advice and solutions.

  • We are helping others also

    Each time you make a payment, depending on your payment currency, 20 Euro or Dollar flow to the worldwide known Suisse organization WWF.

    The WWF helps mankind and animals to be in harmony with the nature. We will not speak too much about WWF. Facts are important- with us you can help easily.

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  • The disadvantages without the Protector

    Without the Protector it is not possible for us to help you in case a problem occurs with the seller. As agents between seller and buyer we take all precautions that only the best vendors sell on this platform. But in case something goes wrong with an order you have made without the Protector, you will have to find a solution with the seller on your own.

  • How do we check our sellers?

    We check every seller manually carrying out a thorough research.

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Why should I place an order with the Protector?

Mainly, our most important issue is to offer a secure marketplace. In that direction we take all precautions to give only the best sellers the permission to sell. That is why there is almost no risk that a problem might appear during your order. In that manner we are free to say that you are helping the WWF at first line, with the positive attitude that you are protected just for any case.

Do I have a money back guarantee?

Theoretically yes. In this case we are supportive as well and are asking you not to misuse that option. As a Suisse Company that is making much effort to offer you a secure marketplace, we have much more costs than our concurrent companies in China. We are paying additionally every time when you place an order which you later cancel on purpose.

How do I activate or deactivate the Protector?

In your cart you have the option to activate or deactivate the Protector by clicking on the banner.